I’m grateful to the thousands of families over the decades who have invited me into their lives and trusted me to guide them to connect more deeply and skillfully with their newborns.

dfBecoming a parent gave birth to who I am and to my life’s direction. An irresistible inner compass developed in me through the experience of carrying and breastfeeding my daughter.

I gravitated towards cultures of community-based living where increasingly I felt drawn to caring for the families around me. By the mid-70’s, I began a service called Neighbor to Neighbor to help birthing mothers in the postpartum period, offering the gifts of presence, connection and awareness that being with the newly born engendered in me.

Dozens of births and babies later I received pursued professional training in labor, postpartum & breastfeeding support and began supporting the birth experience and breastfeeding women as my sole professional focus.

Encouraged by meeting Dr. Nils Bergman and some of the profession’s veteran practitioners, I became a lactation consultant along with my daughter.

Over the past twenty years beginning as a doula and now as a lactation consultant, I have had the unique experience of keeping company with thousands of newborns in their homes.

In the calm of our connection, these very young human beings shared with me how to comfortably hold, handle and hang out with them. This body of baby bio-mechanics or Newborn KnowHow laces every lactation consult as I guide parents to empathize with baby’s experience, creating instant connection and relaxation.

Infancy can be far easier than most think. Breastfeeding ease is attainable for most – given a well prepared and protected start.  Let me share with you what I’ve been shown!

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