Greetings and Welcome!

Hi, and welcome to my blog. The work I’m excited to share here are insights born out of the thousands of hours I’ve spent with newborns and you, their families. First as a mom, then as a doula, and now as lactation consultant & Newborn Knowhow mentor, I have had the chance to observe and learn who newborns are. We all begin as fully aware, feeling, sentient and autonomous beings. We don’t speak in words but with our bodies; The gestures are often subtle but always with meaning.

I’m grateful for all of you that have invited me into your homes and allowed me to share moments that appear on this site. This body of work came together through being with literally thousands of families as they learned to read and handle their baby with confidence. I have been able to observe that newborns really do have universal preferences that are not immediately apparent to first time parents! And what’s more, there is a growing body of science that backs up my observations over the decades!

Using photos, videos and an ocean of stories that we are building on every day, I am honored and excited to begin this blogging journey with you here. If you are pregnant or recently gave birth and overflowing with questions, this blog is for you. I look forward to sharing many insights, tips, and explanations to make those early days blissful as seen here.


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